New Netflix streamables & new rating system

Hold onto your butts, folks.  Some serious awesomeness just popped up on Netflix.  Mighty Morphin’ power Rangers not enough for ya’?  Oh man, there’s more:

X-Men the animated series.  It’s largely held to be the best animated superhero series behind the hallowed Batman animated series.


Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  This is held to be the best of Star Trek, though the attached movies were poop.  I’ve never really watched any of it.  Is it really that great?  Only one way to find out!

Anyway, expect the odd XMA or TNG review from time to time.  And don’t expect me to neglect MMPR.

I also want to introduce a new, easily digestible pictoral rating system.  Behold:

If something sucks about your movie you get the Disgusted Raptor:

If it’s good you get the Happy Thom:

‘Cuz when that guy’s happy, you know things are good.  And if it’s somewhere in the middle you get the bored Yaphet Kotto:

Any admixture of these three elements may be deemed necessary to display the quality of this movie.  For instance ‘bad’ may look like this.

While ‘unwatchable’ would look more like this:

Or maybe something that’s just on the good side of average may get:

It’s more precise than the star rating system and a good deal more emotive.  Prepare yourselves for scintillating critique!


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Twentysomething from Texas. Living in Chicago. Working for a living. Writing for life.
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