First Test

So it looks like I’ve got my first test of commitment ONE WHOLE DAY after deciding to go ‘trailer-free’. This is technically a teaser trailer, but I’m going to resist watching it just to show how dangnabbed committed I am to my movie-marketing detox.

I’m so excited for The Amazing Spider Man. Marc Webb directing Than Stre-uh-I mean Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? This could be very, very rad. Man, I want to watch this trailer. But I ain’t gonna.

Did you hear that world? I am not watching the new trailer for the reboot of Spider-Man! (Even though I really really really really really really really really want to.)

Here’s to the coldest dang turkey I’ve ever had to face up to. I’m going to go cry now.


About alexwilgus

Twentysomething from Texas. Living in Chicago. Working for a living. Writing for life.
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One Response to First Test

  1. Lauren says:

    Hahaha. Stay strong! You can do it. What happens when you start to hear what other people think about trailers? Seems like that will be harder to avoid but impact your perceptions just as much. I’m sure you’ve considered this conundrum. So I’m curious.

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