No-Trailer Project Update

My mom sent me this.  She’s been my most ardent supporter on the no-trailer project.  It’s absolutely delightful and a good explanation of why I’m doing this.  Carey Grant understands…

Here’s the current status of the project.  It appears that I’m losing, but I’ve stuck to the important ones and I’m still dedicated to the project.  I have to admit some enjoyment of watching trailers for terrible movies (Restitution would be my first recommendation)  I watched my first couple of trailer-free films and I enjoyed the surprises (Hugo-meh, Tyrannosaur-double meh).

Trailers I have not seen:

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Amazing Spider-Man
The Avengers
The Iron Lady
J. Edgar
John Carter (well, I did see the teaser, but not the new trailer)

Trailers I have seen:

Snow White and the Huntsman (hahaha!)
Adventures of Tin Tin (couldn’t resist)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (saw the Swedish movie, so plot spoilers don’t really apply)
Battleship (hahahahahahahaha)
The Hunger Games (oops)
Mirror Mirror (ugh)
Gone (double ugh)

Trailers I accidentally saw on TV or in the theater:

Mission Impossible 4 (I regret this one.  I tried to divert my eyes.  Honest I did)
The Lorax (which was worth it since I’m definitely not going to see it, but enjoyed hearing The Polyphonic Spree in a trailer)


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