Video Games

I’m doing it.  I’m finally going to post it.  I know nerdness is in vogue, but this is going a step further.  I’ll just go ahead and say it:  I wrote a 12,000 word treatise on video games and whether or not they’re art.  It’s been a few months since I started it, so it may be a tad out of date (though the concepts are not).  Hit the link below, download the pdf and prepare thyself for a veritable deluge of nerdity while I go save my social rep by watching some NFL.

Video Games


About alexwilgus

Twentysomething from Texas. Living in Chicago. Working for a living. Writing for life.
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2 Responses to Video Games

  1. Matt J. says:

    Impressive Goose! So this is the result of all that “field work” we did on this topic during our freshman year on 5 South.

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