Flat Forest

Okay, it’s finally here:  My exit from the realm of ‘dude’.

I put up an Etsy shop featuring hand-drawn note cards and frame-able prints.

You can visit the shop here if you’re interested:


and the accompanying blog:


I’ll level with you, I’m having a blast making these.  I always wanted to be an illustrator when I was a kid, but was saddened at my lack of artistic talent.  Now that La La has identified that I have ‘style’ where I lack that talent, I’m in the clear.  Flat Forest is a pretty cool name, at least, right?  Yeah I came up with that all by myself.

Buy some prints!


About alexwilgus

Twentysomething from Texas. Living in Chicago. Working for a living. Writing for life.
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One Response to Flat Forest

  1. Evan says:

    Nice work! I’m excited about your new venture, and I agree with La La that you indeed have style. Oh, also, you have not left the realm of ‘dude’ if Jonathan Miner can sell tripod lamps via this fine e-establishment.

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