Now For Something Completely Different

I’ve plugged it before, but it’s time to give an updated advertisement for my wife’s blog.  She’s a crafty one, and any of my 4.5 followers who have not previously discovered her will be happy that they did so.  Her readership puts mine to shame, as does her charm, wit and positivity.  You’ll get none of that from me, dear readers.  You just have to promise me one thing, that if you heard about it here then you can’t unfollow me.  You’re not allowed.  So there.  Have fun making pillows.


About alexwilgus

Twentysomething from Texas. Living in Chicago. Working for a living. Writing for life.
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2 Responses to Now For Something Completely Different

  1. You are simply the best.

  2. Trey Shaw says:

    Do I get bonus points since I already follow both of you? Seriously, I enjoy both of your blogs. I am now inspired to make place settings out of graphic novels.

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