“The modern world is full of problems and issues…”

The modern world is full of problems and issues—disagreements between peoples that stem from today’s wide array of perceptions, ideas, and values. Issues that could never have been foreseen are often identified and made known today because of technology. Once, there were scatterings of people who had the same idea, yet never took any action because none knew of the others; now, given our complex forms of modern communication, there are millions who have been connected. Today, when a new and arguable idea surfaces, the debate spreads across the global community like wildfire.Topics that the general public might never have become aware of are instantly made into news that can be discussed at the evening dinner table. One such matter, which has sparked the curiosity of millions, is the recent interest in the classification of literature as fiction or nonfiction.

From “Life Under Compusion:  The Dehumanities” on frontporchrepublic.com.  This is a reprint of an “exemplary” essay from a high school senior.  Its quality was assessed by the Common Core Standards.  Welcome to the future, children.  I hope you can make sense of it, because I sure can’t.


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2 Responses to “The modern world is full of problems and issues…”

  1. Trey Shaw says:

    That excerpt was sadder than Ol’ Yeller.

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