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Oscars 2013 – Adam and Dog – Don’t Miss It!

My sole Oscar pick for this season is the short animation Adam and Dog. Download it here in HD (you may not watch it in SD, I won’t allow it) turn the lights down, the sound up, and focus for … Continue reading

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We’re All Living in Portlandia

Once in a while, a popular word will snowball into a state of such broad explanatory use that thoughtful people must either whittle it down to a more definite size or call for its utter dissolution.  This is the present … Continue reading

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What Grad School is Like

…in the humanities at least.

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I’m influenced …

I’m influenced here by the fact that the best “Star Wars” movie, “Empire Strikes Back,” was directed by Irvin Kershner, a filmmaker who combined a distinct absence of sci-fi experience with an appropriate skepticism toward the man whose vision he … Continue reading

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Premillenialism: The Movie

Of course there’s going to be another adaptation of the Left Behind series of Christian apocalypse novels.  Of course it’s going to star Nicolas Cage.  And Chad Michael Murray.  And Ashley Tisdale. Every time evangelicals make a foray into the mainstream film … Continue reading

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