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Star Trek: The Sci Fi Conundrum

I liked Star Trek: Into Darkness.  In fact, I enjoyed myself a great deal.  Sadly, such is not the case for many moviegoers. Just like the rest of our American lives, our moviegoing world is polarized.  Most of us are … Continue reading

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More Good Reading: Fathers and Daughters by Alan Jacobs

For an intellectual feast, please read Alan Jacobs’s review of a new graphic novel by Mary and Bryan Talbot. Instead of reprinting the article as in my last section of “Good Reading” (which really should be retitled, “Good Reading from … Continue reading

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You Can Download the Best Comic of The Year for Free

I decided not to get flowery with the title, because I want to get straight to the point. Imagine [insert favorite television show here] decided to screw the networks and just let you stream their show for however much money … Continue reading

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Is Love now considered as a weakness?

Originally posted on convoluted:
This morning I was reading letters to me by my ex- boyfriend and feel a bit affected by them, enough to want to write about it, though I’m sure my writing will be influenced by all…

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