Is Love now considered as a weakness?

I was pleased and encouraged by this insightful little post by a recent follower of mine. I am working on the conspicuous lack of the subject of love in music (the one place where it has historically taken up popular residence) and what that might mean. This profound little note is a fantastic prelude. Keep blogging, Katerina. I’ll be reading.


This morning I was reading letters to me by my ex- boyfriend and feel a bit affected by them, enough to want to write about it, though I’m sure my writing will be influenced by all the writing that I have read on love, in the past. I don’t know why I kept his letters, when I did away with everything else that belonged to him.

Anyways I don’t think people are able to write about love in the same way like olden times… whether that’s due to our modernization, because the world has become so materialist or because sex is easily available, I don’t know. 😉

I doubt people understand what true love is nowadays.

The other day I was talking to my best friend and she told me, this guy she likes and was dating for a week wants to have sex with her. She is in two…

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