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Obama’s Crusades

Original post at The Common Vision Snce all of this nonsense about the Crusades has been going on quite long enough, I think it’s time for an intervention, and since the discussion has heated to the point of righteous anger, … Continue reading

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The Trouble with the Liberal Response to Charlie Hebdo

I’m  rebooting my blog in order to publish thoughts that are outside the specifically Christian forum of (and therefore, less considered! I implore you to pick me apart in the comments, dear readers.) It seems to me that maintaining … Continue reading

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The Common Vision

Hello all, I’d like to welcome you to my new website, The Common Vision.  It is a Christian journal of religion and culture.  On it you’ll find just the sort of stuff I post here but from a variety of … Continue reading

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The Multiverse: Fantasy Fiction’s New Deity

Every moving fantasy adventure tale elevates its audience to some sort of transcendence.  Luke discovers the ways of The Force, Frodo discovers the Ring, Neo discovers the Matrix, Harry discovers the world of wizardry, Jack discovers the secret power below … Continue reading

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You know who ne…

You know who needs to find their voice and use it right now? Conservative Christian pastors and leaders. Christians need to seriously reconsider uncritical support for a political party that prioritizes lavishing subsidies on the agribusiness rich while telling the … Continue reading

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“We are all born two drinks shy of happiness.”

Gordon Keith, lead funnyman for Dallas’s great cult radio station, Sportsradio 1310: The Ticket has written a column for the Dallas Morning News about the suspiciously widespread habit of mind that supports frequent and often heavy alcohol consumption.  It also … Continue reading

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Douthat and the Moral Case for Immigration Reform

Ross Douthat, a writer I have come to read voraciously and respect greatly, has finally run crossways with me on the immigration bill. He is a full–blown skeptic of the current bill, and has convinced me that it’s probably nothing … Continue reading

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