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You Can Download the Best Comic of The Year for Free

I decided not to get flowery with the title, because I want to get straight to the point. Imagine [insert favorite television show here] decided to screw the networks and just let you stream their show for however much money … Continue reading

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Oscars 2013 – Adam and Dog – Don’t Miss It!

My sole Oscar pick for this season is the short animation Adam and Dog. Download it here in HD (you may not watch it in SD, I won’t allow it) turn the lights down, the sound up, and focus for … Continue reading

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We’re All Living in Portlandia

Once in a while, a popular word will snowball into a state of such broad explanatory use that thoughtful people must either whittle it down to a more definite size or call for its utter dissolution. ┬áThis is the present … Continue reading

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