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Good Reading: “Lena Dunham’s Inviolable Self”

I apologize for the lack of postage lately, dear followers.  School and work have turned into a gnashing Scylla and a yawning Charybdis, and I’ve had to steer myself very carefully to be able to avoid both 🙂 I’ve got some … Continue reading

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Here’s to you, IRS

Done!  I can legally live in this fair land for another year.

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A note on the Orson Scott Card’s Superman “controversy” by way of that stuff that happened with Chick-Fil-A last year

Remember when we were all shocked and appalled to find out that the delicious chicken we enjoyed was homophobic?  Yes, it turned out that Chick-Fil-A’s desire to promote what they believed to be traditional Biblical marriage included donations to foundations … Continue reading

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So you won’t get a tenure-track job…

So you won’t get a tenure-track job. Why should that stop you? You can cradle your new knowledge close, and just go do something else. Great—are you ready to withstand the open scorn of everyone you know? During graduate school, … Continue reading

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