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You know who ne…

You know who needs to find their voice and use it right now? Conservative Christian pastors and leaders. Christians need to seriously reconsider uncritical support for a political party that prioritizes lavishing subsidies on the agribusiness rich while telling the … Continue reading

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A Brief Note on Gun Control

It may interest the 4.5 daily visitors to my blog that I really cannot find any reason to oppose any of the probable gun control plans. ┬áStunned and horrified as I am by the events in Newtown–a more profound response … Continue reading

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A Completely Biased, Bi-Partisan Election Special

If you are still undecided at this late hour–and you’re uncomfortable showing support to the third-party coots grumbling about the gold standard or sustainability–chances are you’re probably looking for something to shift you rightward or left. In this bi-partisan post, … Continue reading

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